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Why Choose CLC?

Upgrade Your Laboratory
with TechNeal CLC
  • Streamline Operations
  • Improve Bottom Line
  • Increase Reimbursement
  • Enhance Patient Care
Laboratory Setup

​TechNeal assumes key responsibilities to create a sound infrastructure for the laboratory.  TechNeal will facilitate and manage all set up operations, including but not limited to the following:

Layout & Design

​TechNeal will assist in creating a customized layout and design for your facility. This service will provide a template for contractors to use to ensure appropriate space for equipment and processing, electrical configurations, and water systems. 

Customized Testing Menu

TechNeal offers technical consultation for a number of laboratory testing specialties, including urine toxicology, chemistry, genomics, and more. By taking into account your lab's goals for service coverage and growth, we will provide you with a technology that WORKS.

Equipment & LIS Selection

TechNeal will help you capture and encourage growth opportunities in your chosen fields of testing by assisting you in selecting the optimal platform(s) for testing as well as integrated laboratory information systems. From analyzers to informatics we will do the research for you so that you can have as many options as possible when setting up your dream lab.

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Installation & Validation

TechNeal will provide technical resources to install and validate your chosen platform at your laboratory. As part of this package you will also receive the full validation protocol and report; to show compliance to performance standards during regular compliance inspections from various regulatory agencies.

Service & Maintenance

TechNeal's team of Technical Support and Field Service personnel will assist you in maintaining your chosen equipment in daily operations as well as periodic check-ups.

CLIA & Lab Accreditation

TechNeal can assist you in applying for and obtaining CLIA, COLA, and other laboratory accreditation. We offer a full range of support options from initial license application to supporting document generation and filing.

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Operations Management

TechNeal will manage day to day operations of the laboratory with focus on providing reliable results and overall growth of the laboratory.

Personnel & Training

TechNeal can assist you in finding suitable personnel to staff your laboratory based on the selection of testing you are pursuing. Alternatively TNi can also train your existing staff to bring them up to speed with the latest technology in your chosen specialty.

Workflow Management

TechNeal understands that a streamlined and optimized workflow is key to the success of any laboratory. Towards this we will perform a full evaluation of the processes undertaken at your laboratory; then provide and execute effective action plans that will help you enhance your operations. 


Growth is the goal of all laboratories. TechNeal with our range of services always keep growth in mind, from facility setup to equipment selection and test menu customization. Our focus is to provide for you the optimal environment to achieve your goals the way you envision it.

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TechNeal will organize and publish periodic operational reports to facilitate upper level laboratory management. Addressing both financial and clinical details, these reports will provide the clarity that will facilitate decision making.

Reimbursement Evaluations

TechNeal's wealth of experience in helping labs grow naturally provides us with a front row seat in observing any reimbursement changes. With that information we can assist you by evaluating your billing practices and assisting you to maximize its success.


TechNeal will handle day-to-day administrative duties for your lab. By freeing up valuable personnel from these tasks they can focus on more important activities.

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Regulatory Compliance


TechNeal will keep laboratory up to COLA, CLIA, & OSHA regulatory guidelines to ensure Good Laboratory Practice.

CLIA, COLA, & OSHA Compliance

TechNeal's expert panel of reviewers will monitor your operations and work to ensure that you maintain compliance to all relevant regulatory agencies and their policies.

Customized Manuals

TechNeal will customize protocols and manuals to meet the specific needs and procedures for your laboratory. These documents will be prepared with the utmost attention to regulatory compliance.

Quality Assurance

TechNeal's extensive experience with laboratories will provide expert assistance in generating a Quality Assurance program that will not only meet the requirements set forth by regulatory agencies but also ensure a smoothly operating laboratory.

Procedures & Policies

TechNeal's technical writers will evaluate and generate the most comprehensive and user friendly procedures and policies for your laboratory.

Technical Consultation

Choosing the right technology when building or growing your laboratory is a key part of success. TechNeal's technology specialists will provide the knowledge necessary to maximize your options to achieving the goals you've set for your operation.

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On-Site Inspection Preperation

TechNeal will assist you in preparing for as well as guiding you through the on-site inspection process by various compliance and regulatory agencies, like CLIA, COLA, and Medicare.

CPT Billing Assistance

Billing is perhaps the most important part of any laboratory operation. TechNeal's experience in billing for various laboratory specialties will assist you in setting up the proper infrastructure to facilitate and speed up the reimbursement recovery process as well as appeals management.

Proficiency Testing

TechNeal's network will assist you in finding reference sites and samples to complete proficiency testing for your test procedures of choice.

Calibration Verifications

TechNeal's technical staff will be able to conduct and verify calibration for a variety of equipment common to the clinical laboratory. Our detailed calibration reports will contain the information necessary to achieve regulatory compliance.

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Channel Distribution


TechNeal has created strategic partnerships with many of the largest manufacturers in the world to provide a "Best Fit" solution on your laboratory needs based on performance, cost and volume.

Analyzer & Related Equipment

TechNeal distributes over 50,000 unique products from a number of global manufacturers so that you can have maximum purchasing options to meet your specific operational and financial requirements.


TechNeal offers unparalleled sourcing capabilities for reagents applicable to a number of the most robust and popular platforms in the clinical laboratory market today.


TechNeal can supply your office laboratory with day to day general use consumables.

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General Laboratory Supplies

TechNeal will provide you with a large selection of general laboratory supplies and consolidate your purchasing so you only have to manage one vendor relationship.

Point of Care Products

TechNeal offers a variety of CLIA waived Point of Care testing products.


As we firmly progress into the digital age, having a robust and scalable Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interfacing is becoming more and more important to the growing laboratory. TechNeal's expertise in informatics will assist you in establishing that connection and propel your laboratory to new heights of service and growth.

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