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Sysmex provides laboratories in the healthcare market with the tools, service and support they need to meet the challenges of increasing demands and decreasing resources in the clinical diagnostic field; providing hematology, coagulation and urinalysis analyzers.

Sysmex pocH-100i

The pocH-100i hematology analyzer, designed for laboratories testing up to 25 samples per day, has the smallest footprint of any hematology analyzer on the market. Requiring only 15 µL of EDTA whole blood for reporting 17 clinical parameters with a 3-part WBC Differential, it includes an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). Quality processes are addressed with the pocH-100i closed tube sampling and simple reagent system. Six on-board QC files support assurance of instrument performance. The intuitive push button menu simplifies the operation of this analyzer.

Sysmex XN-1000

Capable of processing 100 samples per hour, the XN-1000 features onboard decision rules and advanced parameters as standard offerings; including advanced clinical parameters, like NRBCs with every CBC, Immature Granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the Reticulocyte profile and a fluorescent platelet channel for Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF). Automated reflex testing is also available. The compact design characteristic of the series delivers a smaller footprint for increased physical productivity.

Sysmex XN-2000

An integrated co-primary hematology system with two analytical modules capable of processing 200 samples per hour, the XN-2000 provides advanced clinical parameters, including NRBCs with every CBC, Immature Granulocytes with every Diff, RET-He within the Reticulocyte profile and an all-new fluorescent platelet channel for Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF). The series-wide compact design offers a small footprint for increased physical productivity. Optional concentrated reagents simplify consumable inventory management.

Sysmex XP-300

With its simplified operation, the XP-300 is an ideal hematology analyzer for a clinic satellite laboratory or research testing. It provides a CBC with 17 reportable parameters and 3-part WBC Differential, which includes an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC). The results include histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT. The system provides a high level of accuracy through the use of automatic floating discriminators. Built on reliable Sysmex technology, it features a simple start-up menu and single button selection for sampling and daily maintenance with a compact, space-saving design.

Sysmex XS-1000i

Fluorescent flow cytometry and advanced cell counting in a space-saving footprint makes the Sysmex® XS-Series Automated Hematology Analyzer an excellent choice for laboratories that have smaller sample volumes.  Available with and without an auto sampler, the XS-1000i offers 21 testing parameters and closed tube sampling to assure operator safety. It requires less than four feet of counter space and uses only 20 µL of sample.

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