Laboratory Specialties

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Expertise in Genomics


The modern Molecular Genetics Laboratory is a bastion of cutting edge technology and applications. To build such an institution requires not only knowledge in the field of genetics but also the ability to integrate the various processes involved molecular testing: to implement and put into action the most efficient genetics laboratory possible.


TechNeal offers a number of services in meeting the needs of the new or growing Molecular Genetics Laboratory, from pharmacogenomics to women’s health and oncology, including:

Laboratory Setup

From facility design to equipment selection and reagent sourcing, TechNeal will be able to design for you the most effective layout for your new Molecular Genetics laboratory to meet and exceed the goals you have set; including:


  • Technology and Platform Selection

  • Laboratory Design and Layout

  • Equipment and Reagent Sourcing

  • Service and Support


For a list of our featured platforms click HERE. To see the reagents for these analyzers, click HERE. For a complete vendor directory click HERE.

Operations Management

The science and technology behind genetics is complex and TechNeal has the experts to be your consultative partner. Our intimate knowlege of the Molecular Genetics field allows us to present the most options to meet your particular needs:


  • Technical Consultation for Panel Design

  • Personnel Staffing and Training

  • Workflow Design and Optimization

  • Generation of SOPs and Protocols

Regulatory Assistance

With high complexity testing comes stringent regulatory requirements; and TechNeal's expansive experience helping various types of laboratories can support you in:


  • State Licensure and Certification

  • Application and Compliance with CLIA, CAP, COLA

  • Maintenance of Calibration and Proficiency

  • Billing Guidance