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General Lab Supplies


A lab cannot run on just tests alone; general supplies are needed to ensure that the lab can support its most basic functions. From gloves to pipettes to wipes, these items are indispensable to a lab. Let TechNeal be your one stop shop for all your laboratory needs.


TechNeal Inc. proudly provides the following supplies:

  • Multi-Purpose Sample Cups

  • Pipet Tips

  • Pipets

  • Plastic/Glass Lab Consumables 

  • Specimen Containers

  • Syring Tips

  • … and MORE

  • Biohazard Containers

  • Blood Collection Needles

  • Blood Collection Tubes

  • Centrifuge Tubes

  • Cuvettes

  • Diamond Pipet Tips

  • Gloves

  • Microscope Accessories

Have more questions? Contact us to see what else we can do for YOU!

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