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Why Choose CLC?

Upgrade Your Laboratory
with TechNeal CLC
  • Streamline Operations
  • Improve Bottom Line
  • Increase Reimbursement
  • Enhance Patient Care

Cost Effectiveness

Managing profitability and patient care is a juggling act. TechNeal will find you a Cost Effective and balanced solution.

TechNeal's Turnkey Solution is what allows us to provide a full service experience with a cost effective fee structure. By taking complete responsibility of the laboratory setup, operation, and review process, we are able to leverage our work with your needs in the most optimal fashion to provide you the best deal possible.


It is important to acknowledge that operating a laboratory is a separate and different job from managing a doctor's office; that requires staff with very specific skill sets. We can help streamline your operation and contain your costs through:


  • Vendor Consolidation

  • Optimized Test Menu Setup & Platform Selection

  • Simplified Profiency Testing & Calibration Verification

  • Efficient Workflow Design

  • "Hands Off" Management - so you can focus on what matters: your Patients!


From service and supplies to consultation and guidance, TechNeal is your partner in the laboratory. 

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