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CLIA Waived


Waived tests are cleared by the FDA for home use; and although CLIA requires that waived tests must be simple and have a low risk for erroneous results, this does not mean that waived tests are completely fool-proof. In fact some waived tests have potential for serious health impacts if performed incorrectly. This is why for it is imperative that the Lab selects and is trained by seasoned professionals like our staff at TechNeal. 


TechNeal Inc. proudly supports the following tests:

  • Hb A1C

  • Coagulation

  • Diabetes

  • Drugs of Abuse

  • Fertility

  • H. pylori

  • HIV 

  • Infectious Disease

  • Inflammation

  • Kidney Function

  • Microalbumin

  • Metabolic Syndrome

  • … and MORE

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